Designed for lovers of pure technique, both aesthetic and efficient, the Supermarine MM01 Black Edition exudes power. Under the taut lines of its sporty silhouette, it celebrates mechanics at its most authentic. Magnetic beauty, it captivates the eyes and transforms the sea into an adventurous playground.


Impressive with its technical prowess and its aerodynamic design, the Supermarine MM01 Black Edition stands out as the ultra-watercraft. Its engine, based on the latest cutting-edge technologies, makes it the most powerful electric watercraft in the world to date. Adventurous, seductive and aggressive, it is part of a radical approach, leaving no room for concession. Under its stealthy air, it is the ultimate expression of personal watercraft, symbolizing the perfect fusion between extreme power and agility.


With its carbon-Kevlar monocoque frame and its wide hood on jacks, the Supermarine offers privileged access to the technical parts. Integrating such electrical power on board a watercraft of less than 4 meters long is a real challenge. This technical feat has been achieved through the massive use of carbon fiber and the integration of a high-powered battery, developed according to the demanding standards of car racing. To ensure optimum performance, it requires oversized liquid cooling, worthy of a hypercar. The engine, for its part, develops 300hp / 220kW and nearly 450Nm of torque, thanks to a latest generation radial architecture. This technology allows to reach unprecedented performance in the history of the electric watercraft.


DimensionsLength: 3.5m / Width: 1.3m / Height: 1.1m
Type of engineElectric
Max power220 kW / 300 hp
Max torque450 Nm
Max speed75 mph / 65 kn
Battery TypeLithium
AutonomyUp to 2h
Charging timeLess than 1h


The Supermarine is equipped with a latest generation electric motor combining power and lightness. It is powered by high-performance liquid-cooled batteries. A technology directly derived from the ultimate standards of Formula E.


Made in France, our vehicles are designed to last over time. The assembly and finishes are carried out by hand, a guarantee of exceptional quality. We only work with noble materials that we select for their longevity and their extreme technicality.


The carbon sandwich structure gives our watercrafts the best flexibility/resistance ratio. It ensures riding comfort, performance and precision. The addition of Kevlar in the areas subject to abrasion provides great resistance overall.