Supermarine MM01 NACRE


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With its aerodynamic profile, light signature, and side vents, the Supermarine MM01 NACRE stands out for its elegance. A resolutely lifestyle machine whose development has been guided by ergonomics, performance and absolute refinement. 300hp / 220kW and 2 hours of autonomy make her the ideal vessel to enjoy a sporty run between two islands or to reach a restaurant s pontoon at nightfall. It shakes up the codes of the nautical universe by reaching standards of development never reached before. Experience the newfound thrill of electric power and never go without it again. Limited edition of 15 units.


An immersive, ergonomic cockpit, isolating the tactile controls from the general display. A configuration that offers simplified access to the controls and all the information necessary for navigation. The dashboard centralizes all of the machines controls, divided between the touch screen and the programmable push buttons. The display faces the pilot, on a large curved screen. It includes the mapping functions and all the information related to navigation. A real on-board computer allowing to fine-tune in real time every parameter of the machine. The handlebars as well as the throttle and brake paddles are made of titanium, guaranteeing lightness and resistance to all stresses. At each end, the handlebar ends integrate navigation lights.


The interchangeable sponson blade has been designed to adapt the behavior of the machine to each riders personality and riding style. Designed with the same philosophy as the Kevlar carbon monocoque frame, it is made of a sandwich structure composite material combining carbon with a honeycomb structure, similar to the panels used by NASA. The search for the best ratio between lightness and resistance presided over the choice of this technical architecture. The side vents, on the other hand, provide an indirect flow of cooling to ensure that the systems maintain an optimum temperature. They are extended by specific carbon nozzles.


DimensionsLength: 3.5m / Width: 1.3m / Height: 1.1m
Type of engineElectric
Max power220 kW / 300 hp
Max torque450 Nm
Max speed75 mph / 65 kn
Battery TypeLithium
AutonomyUp to 2h
Charging timeLess than 1h


The Supermarine is equipped with a latest generation electric motor combining power and lightness. The latter is powered by high-performance liquid-cooled batteries. A technology directly derived from the ultimate standards of Formula E.


Made in France, our vehicles are designed to last over time. The assembly and finishes are carried out by hand, a guarantee of exceptional quality. We only work with noble materials that we select for their longevity and their extreme technicality.


The carbon sandwich structure gives our watercrafts the best flexibility/resistance ratio. It ensures riding comfort, performance and precision. The addition of Kevlar in the areas subject to abrasion provides great resistance overall.